Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Transiberian Railway and the trip of a life time

Transiberian Railway brings a lot of thoughts to my mind. It seemed like we would be traveling to the ends of the earth. I guess we did. It was worth every penny. What a beautiful planet we live on. Even with all the problems on this earth. Traveling 6,000  miles across Mongolia and Russia was a never ending vista of amazing sites. Although there were thousands of miles of trees and small villages flying by it was peaceful, beautiful l and a part of the world not to be missed. I loved the train life. It was not a smooth train but now I miss those little jolts that happened frequently. I loved falling asleep to the sounds and movements of the train. 
 We would get off the train when it stopped into small cities for various reasons. Usually they gave us about 15 minutes to stretch our legs. 

 Our cabin steward was so kind to us. He waited on us every minute bringing fresh drinks, towels, little gifts and made our beds every night. While at breakfast he cleaned the room back up. I might say our tiny little room. We loved it. 

 So many fun buildings. All decked out in blue and trims. 
 It was so great to watch people at their daily tasks. It was early summer so gardening was all around. 
 The meals were all good. We got to try some new things. Like caviar. I did try it but it was not something I loved. 

 At one of our little train breaks there was a little booth selling potato chips. It was a hot item that morning. Everyone wanted some. 
 In our dining car we had so much fun meeting and visiting with others on our train. The meals again were good and the pace was relaxing. One evening we were in the dining car when the train came to a sudden screeching halt. We had lost an axle. They had to pull our train back to the nearest town to get a new engine and then proceed again on our route. It all took place in our sleep and we never really saw any problems to our trip. Just part of the adventure. 
One of the things we did in the evening was check out movies and watch them from our little bunk beds. Every night we would have a one or two hour time change so we were always time confused. Once it got dark you just went to bed even though your body thought it was early. As we crossed Siberia we watched Dr. Zhivago over two nights. It was so fun to be watching it as you crossed the land that it took place in. I had forgotten most of the story because it had been so long since I had seen it. How lucky are we!!!

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