Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fall is finally here but it has been a nice one.

Walking early in the morning I get to see a lot of nice things. These crocus flowers are peeking up at the Holdaways in the fall rather then the spring. 
 Beautiful sunrises are all mine. 

 Another turtle siting in St George. 

 We went to the Star Valley Temple open house. I did not get a picture of it but the crazy place we ate lunch at made the photo op cut. 
 I saw this artificial flower attached to a dead weed on my walk. 
 We had a live wire flopping around on the roof of our house for years. Lots of burn marks were up there. It was left over from an Internet service set up o our roof. Bad idea. I am glad we discovered it. No more flipped breakers and lights out in the house. 

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