Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ayacucho and Piura Peru for Helping Babies Breathe courses

 Out in the courtyard filling up mannequins. 

 We got to see the super moon from Ayacucho Peru. It was pretty spectacular. We ate dinner watching it from the deck. 

 Lunch was nicely done by the caterers. 
 Mary Merrill and the super moon.
 Two Mary's. 
 Jerry Twiggs teaching Fluffy a couple of techniques. 

 Elder Merrill and Jeff setting up the power point. 

 This cute young lady sang at the program. She has a lovely voice. She is in YW in Peru. 

 Jeff gets his shoes shined in the park in Ayacucho. 
 When we flew out the entire ground crew came out and waved good by to us. Isn't that cool. 

 We had some time to kill in Lima. We went to the Navy base and looked around. 

 They had a nativity set up and Fluffy joined the procession. 

 Lunch was good in this ocean side place. 
 Barrack Obama is in town. Tons of security was in place. An unbelievable amount actually. 

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