Sunday, November 27, 2016

Traveling with a dinosaur named Fluffy

 I looked out the window at about 4 am. Perfect opportunity to pose Fluffy snacking on the full moon. We are headed to Argentina.
 Fluffy travels in the carry on bag. She hangs out in comfort. 

 The mall in Buenos Aires is pretty spectacular. The ceiling is worth going to see. 

 Politics everywhere. 
 I love the old churches and cathedrals. The paintings of the Stations of the Cross were really nice. 
 We like to do the trainings in LDS Churches. They have everything we need like tables and chairs, clean bathrooms. 

 Traveling through Paraguay we stopped in a little German Village. They had some nice woven things for sale. We watched them making bed spreads on a loom. 

 Fluffy likes to be in the middle of everything. 

 The team that came with us to Paraguay. Laura, the Wolds, Mark and Gustavo. 
 Chipas are my favorite thing to eat in Paraguay. Here is how they sell them on the streets. 

 A very old pharmacy still operating. It is full of beautiful things, not to mention medications. 

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