Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Feigs get together June 2015

We finally had a little get together with everyone. It was fun and I mean really fun. We all met up in St George. The weather was perfect and the company too. 
 Everyone was a good sport and wore the mustaches I got for them. What a great bunch of men. Jeff made dinner. He outdid himself with a tenderloin grilled to perfection. 
 Everyone decided to play a trick on me. I told them I would pay $100 to the first person who saw a turtle out in the back. I then said I would pay $1000 if they found a dinosaur. Little did I know they had already planted on up on the hill. I am the one who found it and boy did they have fun with that. They were rolling on the ground laughing. I did not catch on that I had busted their trick on me. 

 It was so fun to just sit and visit. Nobody wanted to move. 

 Barb, Dad and I went out to see Snow Canyon. It is such a beautiful spot. It was a fun weekend. We made some great memories. 

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