Saturday, November 28, 2015

A couple of days in Utah

We had tickets for the Stadium of Fire which we love to go to. The headline act this year was Journey. I have wanted to see them for years so we finally got to go. In fact I was so excited I tried to get the kids to come too. The only ones I convinced were Rachel, Todd and kids. We met up in Salt Lake City. The girls had a friend from England come with us. Jack was game to let us play tour guide. We saw Temple Square, down town Salt Lake and then Park City. It was such a fun family time. We looked around Park City and headed to Provo for the concert. It is a Fourth of July celebration. It did not let us down. The Fourth of July and being with family has always been our favorite time of the year. 

 The kids were wore out but they had a lot of fun getting worn out. 
 After seeing Stadium of FIre we headed down to St. George. It was fun to show Jack this part of the country too. Snow Canyon is so beautiful. 

 We had some rain and it is amazing how the red rocks change color in the different weather and times of day. I caught what looked like a crown over our back yard. 
After the kids left to go back to California  We did a little looking around in the Valley of Fire. So spectacular. It was hot so we did not spend too much time out of the car. 
 I came upon these mountain goats. They could scramble up the rocks with no effort at all. 

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