Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy Holidays!

 Christmas came and went in a flash this year. My Christmas Cactus performed beautifully. 
 I made Jeff a shadow box with his Dad's things for Christmas. 
 We drove to Boise again on Christmas Eve. This year the party was at the Baldwin's. It was so fun to get together with the Boise crowd. All of the kids are growing up. 

 We did a little photo booth fun. 

 We did a lot of picture taking. Selfies, groupies and just plain old pictures. 

 Ella got ahold of my phone. Ava does not have many teeth in her mouth. 

 We got a lot of snow this Christmas. Jeff got a vacuum for Christmas. Lucky man he is. 
 I got all excited about my dead clam. I thought it had a huge pearl in it but it was not. Dang!

 Jeff and I snuck away for a little St George time. It is so peaceful there. We had fun with friends. 
 It was pretty cold in St George but not as cold as it was back in Rexburg. 

 New Years was pretty low key. Good food with good friends is all that we needed. 

 On New Years Day we drove down to St George and visited everyone along the way. Jeff did some health care. 

 Ice on my palm trees. 
 Crazy cloud formations and snow around the pool made it all other worldly. 

 No matter what the weather Jeff gets in the hot tub and swimming pool. It was a good holiday season. Now for 2015. 

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