Monday, December 15, 2014

Burkitts lymphoma and the start of the journey.

In November we heard from Matt and he was very sick. He is living in Pennsylvania and was a long ways from a hospital that could help diagnose him. So Jeff and I flew out with one hours notice to get him and bring him back to Salt Lake City. We drove the three hours to Salt Lake City and flew to NYC arriving at 6am. 
 We had breakfast in the JFK airport then flew on to Philadelphia. Matt met us at the airport. He was discharged from the hospital and his friend Mark drove him three hours to the airport to meet us. We then flew back to Salt Lake City and had him admitted to Intermountain Hospital by 5 pm. Bam! Lauren and Rob (some of our kids) are Physicians there with connections so we got his diagnosis of lymphoma pretty quickly. Matt was pretty sick. His wife and three young children stayed behind and will follow soon. 
 On the plane ride back to SLC Matt and Jeff slept. It was obvious how jaundiced and sick Matt was. He is 36 years old. 
 We made multiple trips back and forth from Idaho to SLC the first two weeks. They finally narrowed his type of lymphoma to Burkitts. It is a less common type and harder to treat. Three months of inpatient chemotherapy is what they have decided. 

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