Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another week in paradise

This year Todd, Rachel, Ana and Lily joined us in Hawaii. We had a great time. 

We never really make the time change so we are up early to see the sun rise. Some of us in our PJ's. 
It is peaceful and our cares and worries drift away. 

This rainbow defied the usual rainbow rules. 

Jeff still heads for the foot cleaner. He is not a fan of sand. 

We made the drive up to the light house but it was CLOSED. 

We settled for a quiet beach. 

We pretty much had it all to ourselves. 

We found this dancing parrot in a neighboring Hotel. 
Poor Todd and Jeff had to work. Jeff was only able to come for two days. Todd just worked all the time we were there. 

My favorite hidden beach and rope swing. 

I am pretty sure that pirates have parked in this cove in times past. 

There are blow holes along the trail. 
Rachel took a turn on the paddle board. 

We visited Hanapei. Lots of touristy places for pictures there. 
A little sun burn. 

Sunrises and whales consume a lot of picture taking energy. 

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