Sunday, July 28, 2013

Four Feigs second annual reunion

We decided that we had so much fun last year floating the river at Macks Inn that we should do it again. We went up to Jackson Hole this year and floated the Snake River. We had to get up early so Jeff got up even earlier and made breakfast. 
I got caught by Mikes camera checking out the chocolate cake. It was yummy if I may say so, even at 6 in the morning. 

 The early morning drive was really beautiful. This crop duster passed right in front of our windshield. 
 We arrived at the river and found our guide blowing up the raft with a hand held air pump. HMMMM. 
 After filling the raft he fit us all into our life jackets. Mike and Pat were really excited to wear them. 
 I went to take a picture and noticed how tall our guide Levi was. I had him stand next to Jeff because Jeff looks like a little boy next to him. 

 Off into the river we headed. Cool art work on the bridge to start out with. 
 The scenery was as nice as it gets. 
 Mike and Julie. He is kid number three. He parked his ESPN semi for the week to come play with us. 
 Beth and Gary. Beth is the second kiddo. 
 Pat and Jennifer. He hates to be reminded that he is the baby. 
 Lots of photo ops along the river. Mike told us lots of funny stories. 

 We saw lots and lots of bald eagles. 

 Levi the guide offered to let someone paddle. Pat took the offer. He ended up pulling us along the river last summer so he felt that it was his duty.

 Mike took the opportunity to do some back seat driving giving Pat lots of advise on paddling. Hey Pat, turn that way so we don't run into the rocks. 

Yo-ho-ho-ho a pirates life for me!
 It was a gorgeous day that turned out to be very relaxing. 

After our return to Jackson Hole we went to have a little lunch at the Merry Piglets. Great Mexican food by the way. We did the obligatory photo under the antlers in the town square.
Mike, Mary, Beth and Pat. 

While in the square Mike and Pat ran into their childhood friend, Mike Blackham. 
 Mike and Pat had to head home so Beth, Gary, Jeff and Mary rode the tram up to the top of the mountain from Teton Village. So beautiful up there. 

 There were lots of wild flowers around. If you travel up here you can get a waffle made at the top. They are famous for them. The most difficult ski run in the country is off the top of this mountain. 

 There is nowhere more beautiful than the Grand Tetons . 
 We also went golfing up at Heise Hot Springs. It was hot but we took spray bottles and had so much fun. We had a variety of abilities but it was great. We ended up doing group putts. Now that was fun. 

Pat and Jen did not golf. They however came to eat pizza and salads on the fun Heise Pizza Parlor deck. One of our favorite things to do in the summer. 
My Hollyhocks are in bloom. Beth went out and picked some and made Hollyhock dolls just like Mom used to make for us. They were real beauties. 

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