Monday, July 15, 2013

A week of family fun on the Fourth of July 2013.

Summer is here in all the glory that Rexburg Idaho can muster up. There is nothing better than midsummer in Eastern Idaho. The winds have died down, the days are a little hot and the evenings cool down perfectly. I love summer. 
We had all 16 of the grand kids here for the 4th. Not all the parents came so we did have some real adventures. Ana and Lily made every girl a cute red white and blue head wreath. They were adorable and a big hit at the parade. 

 There were lots of handouts at the parade including HOT DOGS! 
 These teen boys are almost too cool for the parade. 
 It is the 100th birthday celebration this year for Rexburg. President Obama came and was in the parade. Ha Ha!
 Rays car wash boys are always the high light of the parade. They are great!
 Ana did some amazing face painting on the younger kids. 
 Margot did some posing. 
 A little zombie named Edie and her cousin Ava. 
 My roses did not let me down this year. I love summer. 
 We walked to the temple grounds to watch the fire works. The kids had more fun rolling down the hill. 
 Bear World!!!
 An albino elk looking quite lovely by the white swan. Stuff of fairy tales. 

 We timed our ride through to follow the bear feeding truck. It gets all the bears up and moving. We saw so many bears. 
 We could not tell if this white wolf was dead or alive. 

 All sixteen grand kids in one shot even though some did not want to be in it. 
 The petting zoo is a hit. That pig is bigger than Vaughn. 
 Snuggling with a deer. 

 Kiddie rides provided hours of entertainment. 

 I decided to odd the spinning bear ride. Oh was I sorry. 

 Never getting on that again. Bleh!

 One giant slumber party. 

 Breakfast at Grandma and Grandpas is a kids dream. 
 We spent the whole afternoon one day in the neighbors pool. It was heaven. 
 Beauty and the beast comes to mind in this picture. 
 We had dinner at the Pizza Pie Cafe one night. These kids were unusually well behaved. 
 I have a Face Book friend in Egypt. We made her a cake with an Egyptian flag. There is a lot of turmoil in her country. We just wanted to show some friendly support. 

 Grandpa way in the back of this picture. What fun traditions. 

 Hot dogs and Book of Mormons handed out at the parade. 

 I hiked Table Rock with Magan, Eric, Grant and Christian. We had a great day. 

 Rob cooked us a fabulous brisket. It sat in the Green egg for about 8 hours. Yummy. 

As fast as they are growing up there are some young ones that cannot wait to join in all the fun on the Fourth of July! It was a grand one this year. 

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