Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More California pictures

 Mary and Ana at lunch. Note the cute plates and the random hand behind Ana. 
 One of the best birthday cakes I have ever sampled. Happy Birthday Todd!
 Marriott in San Diego. Ella and Lily. That is a tongue twister. 
 Ana showing the girls the star fish where she works...the Manhattan Beach Aquarium.
 Todd and Rachel
 Ana on our three hour cruise along LA coast.
 My girls!
 Ready, set, go! Off on our adventure. 
 Crazy Ella and Lily. 

 The fire was great to stay warm by. 

 All the girls warming up. It was not a warm sunny trip. Didn't matter. 
 Ana and Edie, the oldest and youngest grand daughters on the trip.
 Edie with the rat. Oops I mean Bella the pet. 
 Ana and her artistic abilities turned everyone into a Zombie. 

When I was telling my Dad about our trip he asked if I had taught all the girls how to shop. Yep Dad I did. They all excelled at it. 

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