Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween and hearts

October is going out like a lion. We had a lot of snow last week. It was a surprise, nobody forecast it. Halloween was still two weeks away. It has not melted off yet but looks like warmer days are coming this week. I am not a huge fan of Halloween but I do love my I-phone screen saver. Cute isn't it?
 Look at this adorable heart shaped potato. It is so cute it has taken up residence on the counter. I actually have a pretty good collection of hearts. Maybe I need to do a post on them. It would be kind of timely with the heart problems swirling in the air lately. I have a heart rock collection, heart jewelry collection, heart screen saver collection and a husband full of heart. 
 Speaking of ablation appears to have not worked. I had a pretty good (or not so good) episode of PSVT this week. It was just two days after the Doctor gave me the all clear. We are waiting to hear what the Doctor has to say. He told us if it did not work the next step would be cryotherapy which is freezing vs burning the misbehaving area. Dang it!
Today is the day Hurricane Sandy is coming to the east coast. They are predicting a storm of the century so we will see if that happens. 

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