Sunday, October 14, 2012

A really fun weekend in Rexburg

Leslie, Ella, Edie, Magan and Grace came to spend the weekend in Rexburg. I know people find it hard to believe there are fun things to do here but we had a really fun time. We ran out of time to see and do everything we wanted to. But we did fit a lot in. For starters we went to the Straw Maze that Smiths did this year. I was still not quite up to full speed but it was fun! The little girls wanted to go after 8 pm when the really scary stuff happens in the maze. We decided to try it in the fading daylight and then decide. Adults voted to skip the scary part. These girls were scared just getting through the maze. Nobody would have slept.
Magan, Grace, Ella, Edie, Leslie

 We did eat some of our meals at home. This person just appeared in the picture with Jeff. Silly kids!

One big piggy. 

 How often do you see a white wolf and bears together? Just a few feet from the car. 
Saturday morning we got up and got ready. There are some fun places to shop now in Rexburg and we hit most of them. Everyone scored some good finds. We got hungry so headed up to Chiz in St. Anthony. It was a feast! Nothing better. We dropped Grandpa Z off to deliver a baby and headed to Bear World. The girls said it was better than Disney Land. $50 for 6 people for all day, that is a bargain. We saw dozens of live bears. The wolves walked right up to the car. Then we hit the petting zoo which was a huge hit. They have kiddy rides. The girls rode them over and over. Oops someone forgot to check Leslie's ID. 

After Bear World we headed to get some Kiwi Loco yogurt. It was pretty dang good. Of course no visit is complete without the Grand daughters doing a show. They went all out and put a dance extravaganza together for us. Oops we forgot the camera. We even fit in home manicures for everyone. 
That is a fun weekend in Rexburg!

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