Friday, August 31, 2012

Disney Land

 The daily Disney routine was to get up at 6 am with all the kids. (We had 5 that were 4 and under). You can enter the parks at 7 am if you are staying at the Disney Hotels. Being as it was 95 degrees every day we did just that to beat the crowds and the heat. Jeff was the stroller guy. 
 One of the first stops was the new Cars park. It was pretty cute. 
 They had the little town of Radiator Springs built. Everything was car related. 

 Fantasy Land was empty when we arrived one morning. We dashed to every single ride with no lines. By noon we would have lunch then go to the rooms and have long naps followed by a swim in the pool. Around 6 or 7 we headed back into the park for more fun. 

 The train was a place to sit down and enjoy the breeze. 

 Group Disney shot. 
 When you are in Disney Land it is OK to eat dessert for breakfast. 
 Jeff looked pretty cute on the Merry Go Round. He was worried he would get sea sick. He made it without getting sick. 
On our last day Ana, Lily, Todd, Rachel came to see us. Those two girls are getting so big and grown up. What a cute couple of California Girls!!!!


Beth said...

You guys must be the best grandparents around. You get to do so many fun things.

MZB said...

Yep, they are great grandparents. Everyone loves a vista from the Grandpa & Grandma Z