Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So much fun over the 4th of July

It was a fun filled week with friends and family. We golfed, rode our bikes on the green belt in Idaho Falls and went for a canoe ride on Jenny's Lake. 
I have a new app on my cell phone. It lets you colorize areas you want. Kind of fun. 
 Paddling a canoe is a team effort. It took us a bit to get coordinated. 

 Seeing the Tetons never gets old. They are so beautiful. 
 After our canoe ride we drove up to the top of the mountain and had dinner. The view was great. 
 July 4th means you have to go to the Rexburg parade. 
 One of our favorite parade events is the Ray's car wash boys. 
 This year they had Obama join them. He was handing out free car wash passes. What a nice guy. 
 ZZ Top came and played "Every body's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" for the car wash boys to dance to. 

This random hippie walked along singing ballads to the crowd.

After the parade we drove to Utah to go to the Stadium of Fire show in Provo. 

They sang God Bless America as the flags were presented. At the end of the song the Hill Air Force jets flew over with fire works going off behind them. Very cool.

They had a fun dance routine on the stadium field. 

 The Beach Boys came out and sang. They may be getting old but it was so fun to see them. It was an all American night for sure. 

The stage was surrounded with old cars and surf boards. 
Finally an amazing fire works show. The best I have seen. 

 We still had some energy left so headed to Sun Valley. We spent the next two nights with Rob and Lauren, the boys and Rob's parents. It was peaceful and fun. 

 Fletcher preferred watching TV and video games. Floyd learned to ride his bike. 
 The Baldwins were there also. They gave skating a try. 

 OK still had energy so on to Boise for Addy's baptism, Jake's birthday and our 23rd Anniversary. It was scorching hot in Boise. 
 Birthday cupcakes and presents. 

 On our way back to Rexburg I noticed some fun historical sites. Devils Dive...the site of multiple stage coach robberies. 

 We usually stop in Fairfield for a milk shake at the sort of famous Wranglers. It is always packed out in the middle of nowhere. In fact we discovered that they do not have many paved streets. Cabins are the house of choice. 
 Only in the wild west do you see motorcycles in leathers, fringed leathers besides. 

 THE WRANGLER...it makes the long trip bearable. 
 Temps in the hundreds call for a milkshake or ice cream. 

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Beth said...

You go girl....and go and go and go. Looks like a great week of fun.