Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Sea of Galilee

When we arrived at the Sea of Galilee it was nearly dark. We all got into a wooden boat and went out in the dark to the middle of the sea. Fortunately it was not stormy. It was Sunday and we had a Church service out in the middle of the water. Of course the things taught were about Christ walking on the water and stilling the storm. 
On the way to Capernaum we visited several sites overlooking the Sea of Galilee. It is spring in Israel and the wildflowers were in bloom. 

 The view of the Sea of Galilee was gorgeous with the green country side and wild flowers. It will soon all become brown. 

 Ein Herod is the spring where Gideon chose his three hundred men. It was a cool treat on our feet. 

 Linda soaked her feet with me and then drank from the spring the way the soldiers did. Nope she did not get sick either. 

 On our way to Nazareth we saw a McDonald's. We had a laugh at the sign that says McDrive thru. 

 Nazareth did not have much resemblance to the city in history. 

 Recently a boat was discovered preserved in mud. They have brought it into a museum. It is dated to the time Christ was living in the area. You never know he may have been in it. 

 There is a great view from our Hotel room of the Sea of Galilee. I took this picture at sunrise and have to say it is one of my all time favorite pictures. There is a little fishing boat in the corner. 

 Christ fed the multitudes on this beach. This is the very spot. I gathered small rocks in a used bottle. I brought them home in a baggie. I love my little rocks from the Sea of Galilee. 


Beth said...

That top picture looking back from the water at the lights and reflections is absolutely gorgeous..Love It!

barbchuck said...

Great blogs Mary. They make a wonderful traveloge.