Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just another day on the Nile River

Our trip down the Nile River was a three night cruise on a fun little cruise ship. We slowly drifted by some beautiful sites. We saw men working in fields, camels and donkeys. We saw the beautiful blue city up on a hill. As I watched I realized that there were lots of bull rushes along the shore, hey wait, Moses was hid in them along the shore in a little basket. I do not think much has changed since then. 

 Our educator Michael Wilcox taught us about all the things we were going to see either on site or prior to our arrival. Check out this classroom drifting along the Nile River. Oh waiter could you bring us another ice cold drink? 

 We visited more ruins. I guess when you do not have cell phones and ipods you have time to create all these cool things. 

 Here is a depiction of an Egyptian mummy, I mean mommy. A picture showing a baby being born. 

 One evening we got off the ship and had horse carriages take us to you guessed it, some more ruins. Pretty entertaining until I had an asthma attack from all the dust and horse dander. It was a bad one too. 

 I must have been wrong about no ipods and games. Here is proof that Angry Birds existed clear back then. A monument to those mad birds. 

 Back to the boat. 
 We had an Egyptian party on board the ship that night. Jeff and I were chosen for lead roles in the little play about Isis and her true love. 
 There was always something fun to see. When I woke up early in the morning and looked out the window there dozens of hot air balloons in the sky. It was hazy so they are kind of hard to see. We also saw a man headed to work with his donkeys and crops. 


Beth said...

You guys look so cute in your hats. Fun pictures

Leslie said...

those ruins are unbelievably beautiful!

barbchuck said...

You look beautiful in your red outfit. Do you have other pics of the play? Chuck and I spent a day and night on one of those faluccas on the Nile. I danced for hours on the sand to the drums of the boatmen. (Chuck went to sleep on the boat!)