Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some of our Kauai secrets.

 Mitch had a hitch hiker jump on board. 
 The nightly grilling party. Mitch and Jeff cooking up some great food. They came up with some great secret recipes. The asparagus on the grill was especially good. 
 We had one rainy day so went for a ride and got ice cream. 

 Tropical paradise. 
 Who is that peeking out from behind Grandpa?
 Maybe I should add a cool truck to my landscaping. 

 For three days we woke up, put on our swim suits and sat by the beach or pools. Really that was it. We did a little snorkeling and whale watching on the beach. Oh I forgot, the chickens. Mitch is feeding chickens poolside. Edie is known as the chicken whisperer. She named all the chickens running around and kept them fed. The secrets??? We enjoyed the chickens and did not dress or clean up for days. Yes, that is a vacation!
 Leslie had some lip issues. Her lips were big and swollen. Mornings were especially dramatic. 
 Jeff napped. A lot!!! 


Beth said...

I would have freaked out if that little hitch hiker would have jumped me. Looks like a perfect vacation.

ryan + elizabeth . said...

she had angelina jolie lips!! lucky girl. ha. :)
beautiful hawaii! my invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like total fun!

Leslie said...

Mitch is the master griller. Especially when it comes to vegetables. I've tried to mimic him time and time again, with no luck. Hope we didn't bore you guys with our 3 days of poolside laziness! It was truly heaven to us!