Saturday, October 08, 2011

Farewell summer 2011

It has been a short summer here in Rexburg. Spring was long and let's say miserable. But when summer finally comes to Rexburg it is glorious. I am adding some random photos to finish up the summer. Kind of like the deep closet cleaning I am going to do this weekend in my bedroom. 

 I walked and walked and walked this summer. I feel ready to be one of those pioneers. 
 Living by the Rexburg Temple presents unlimited opportunities for beautiful pictures from my front door and windows. This picture was taken through a dirty upstairs window with my iPhone. By the time I got my good camera the colors had faded away. 
 I made two trips to Arizona in one week. The first one to hike the Grand Canyon with girl friends and the second with Jeff to go to meetings. The Arizona desert really is beautiful. OK Jeff do not lean any closer to that prickly cactus. It was 105 degrees when we arrived here. 
 While staying at the Marriott resort the Valet parking boy had a mishap with our rental car. Oops. We never did see the golf cart that he hit head on. To apologize they brought us up a nice tray of dipped strawberries and a bottle of wine. We gave the wine away but the strawberries were yummy. 
 This is what greeted us when we arrived home from hot Arizona. I know that every year we scream that it came too early or that it was the earliest ever. I do think this year is the winner for the early snow storm award which arrived October 5th. 
This was about mile 20 in our day in the Grand Canyon and we had the hardest 4 miles just ahead of us. One of the many lessons I learned on this trip was that I can do hard things. Those hard things can also be the most rewarding. I love my life! 


Beth said...

Mary, You are an amazing blogger and sister. I love checking in to see what you've been up to. Another great post with beautiful pictures and stories. Luv ya.

barbchuck said...

I agree with Beth, Mary. It is so wonderful the way you keep us all updated. Thank you. How depressing that your snow has already arrived. Here we were basking in the Santa Barbara sun and you were shivering in your snow boots!

MZB said...

That's my family motto:" We can do hard things" It is indeed true the most rewarding moments are found in these moments. Thanks for always reminding me that "Life is Good" it sure is! Great photos to wrap up summer.