Saturday, July 16, 2011

Loving summer 2011

 We thought summer would never come but once it did it has been glorious. What better in the summer than strawberry shortcake. 
 Rexburg parades are kind of cheesy but we love them. 
 A flyover to start the parade off. 
 We always go to the same area to watch the parade. 
 There are always good friends to run in to and reconnect with. The Spaulding's were sitting right by us. 

 Darth Vader and Princess Lea came to Rexburg this year. 

 The best part of the parade every year are the famous Ray's car wash boys. This year they have uniforms. The High School marching band does not even have uniforms. 

 The kids go to the parade to collect as much candy as they can. Jake turned up missing. After everyone went out to hunt for him I found him under the dining room table enjoying the candy stash all to himself. 
 The fireworks were out at the gravel pit. They were lit from the top of a gravel mountain. It was a great show. A big moon was right in the middle of the show. We all made home made ice cream in baggies. It was the best. 

 The warm weather was slow to come and the snow piled up deep this winter. That means flooding clear into the middle of July. This is the road in Drigg's under water. See the car spraying water. 
 The Clark's have been living with us for the last 6 months. Jake has about outgrown his little playpen bed. 
 At the end of the week we drove over to Sun Valley with David and Charlene. We took the Corvette's. It was a gorgeous weekend. It was the annual Allen and Company convention with the billionaires. The tiny Hailey airport was packed with fancy private jets. It was an amazing site to see. 

 We drove over the Galena Pass to beautiful Red Fish Lake. Incredibly beautiful. We rented a boat and cruised or I guess I should say putted around the lake. 

 Red Fish Lake is still being fed by fresh melted snow so swimming was not an option for us. However it felt good to walk in the water. 

 We stayed at Doug's house as there were no rooms in the entire valley. It was like staying in a cabin with all of his animals hanging around. Thanks Doug we had a nice place to stay. Not everyone has a bear in their living room. There is some antlered animal behind the bear giving it the appearance of having horns. I did not get the picture of the badger in the living room. Not sure I understand that. 

 Just had to share this. In Doug's garage is a urinal. How cool is that? 
 Driving back into Rexburg was a reminder of how beautiful the valley is. From a few miles out you can see the Tetons behind the valley overshadowing the Rexburg Temple. 
 I love when my roses come into bloom. I really do not do anything to them. They just grow and grow and bloom and bloom. 

One of the daisy's in my front yard. I love love love summertime in Rexburg. 


Beth said...

do you ever stop? Looks like you're off to a great summer...hope it lasts awhile. Great pictures. I need to meet little Jake, he seems to be quite the character.

MZB said...

We had a great 4th, thanks for all you do.

Rachel said...

Haha! That picture of Jake is great. And the urinal is funny. Was Doug there when you stayed?

I love that there is a shot of all the kids on that same curb every year of their lives. Hopefully we'll be there next year.

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a fun time!
Gorgeous pictures.
Your flowers are beau-TEEE-ful.

barbchuck said...

How long have you been home from China? I can't believe you took off again so soon. When we come home from a trip, I need to just sit on the deck and "be" for awhile to let all the things I have seen and done sink in. Weren't you just exhausted?