Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello from Guilan!

We are having a great time. Yesterday we cruised on the Li River. Words cannot describe the beauty. 
We then went to the Reed Flute Cave. It was very nice. 

Last night we went with a big group to do reflexology on our feet. It was heaven. We have bonded with the red bus. That is our travel group. We thought it would be a bunch of old fogies but, we have found there is a good variety in our group. There's a family who are ultra marathon runners. There are about five teenagers and everything in between. There is a man in his 70's who's wife just died and he is alone so we watch over him. 

We are having an amazing time. China is beautiful and very clean. The people are all nice. We are headed to the airport right now for Xian. Here are pictures from today. 

The view behind Jeff is on the Chinese money.

Li River with Chinese flag

Rice on Li River

Here are the guys with Michael Wilcox, our instructor for the trip.

The girls.

I can't even believe how beautiful it is here.

These birds are used to fish. A ring is placed around their necks so they cannot swallow fish which are then collected by the fisherman. 
This is outside our hotel in Guilan.

Giant incense burner


Rachel said...

super duper rad. what's the story of the old dude with the birds on a pole?

Jonna said...

Mary the pictures are stunning!
You really need to write a book on all the fabulous places you & Jeff have traveled. Include pictures & stories on all the people you've helped & taught as well. WOW!