Sunday, April 03, 2011

My California Adventure

This week I went to California and got to see the girls do some fun things. Ana plays in the school orchestra. She plays the French Horn and they asked her play with the grade above her. They played at Disneyland. It was great but really hot. 

 Lily and I checked out Toon Town. 

 I discovered while in Disneyland that my cell phone was missing. look where we found it later that day. It fell under the car. 
 We hurried back to get the girls ready for their opening night. They were both in Guys and Dolls. Ana was playing the lead. 

 I had heart pangs when I saw her come out in a wedding veil. She sang several solos in the play. 

 We checked out the pier on Manhattan Beach. Ana and I had a good girls chat. 
 Lily was supposed to have curly hair. So I put her hair in foam curlers and put a hat over them so she could go all day in curlers. They came out all pretty and curly but alas by the end of the play she had straight hair. 
 There is a fun aquarium at the pier. Being the owner of a huge aquarium I was excited to see the octopus in this one. I think we ate his relatives as appetizers for lunch. 

 The show was so good we went again the next night. Grandmas can do that. 

Thanks for the fun weekend! 


Leslie said...

Looks like a BLAST!!!! Wish I could have been there.

Garden of Egan said...

I can't believe how pretty those girls are! They grew!!!

Looks like fun times.

Rachel said...

As Ana & Lily repeatedly told you...


It was a dream having you here. Come back soon.

g.suzie said...

What happened to those little girls that used to hang out at
Derma Chic. . .
What a fun trip Mary!
And Rachel you are BEAUTIFUL!

Beth said...

Such talented ladies. Looks like it was agreat weekend for all. I always enjoy reading about your adventures.