Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Having fun in Kauai

 Time has slowed way down for us here in Kauai. People here know how to hang loose. However it will pass by too quickly. We will soon be back in wintry Idaho. 
 Whales are ever present. They have not let us down. 
 Valentines Day!
 Mary and Beth share some fun times. 

 The Na Pali coast is always beautiful. It is kind of foggy/hazy here this trip. 
 Snorkel man getting ready to see some fishes. 
 Ignore me and check out the man to the left. Not sure why Jeff took his picture with me but it is funny. Check out his facial expression. 
 Beth and I found these cute hats. Oh and don't you love our Hilo Hattie necklaces? 


Rachel said...

You're right. The hats ARE cute and you DO look like me. :)

Jeff - the guy who always has a fancy camera and can't compose to save his life!

Your hair is so long, Mom! Hope to see you this weekend.

Beth said...

Another amazing day in paradise.

barbchuck said...

I am sooooo jealous! MY favorites are the one of you girls in your cute new hats, the Valentine's picture of you and Jeff, and one of the basket maker.