Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Idaho Blizzard here we come

We have a rough start to the winter this year or should I say fall as winter is still a month away. School was called off yesterday and today. We are canceling some of the patients at the office due to the weather. We did not want Mom's to try to bring their babies in for immunizations in this tough weather. I had to post this so that I can remind us next year what Thanksgiving week was like. We plan to fly to California tomorrow and are crossing our fingers the weather clears up by then. You have to be pioneer stock to live in Idaho sometimes. Blizzard 2010 here we come!


Garden of Egan said...

I hope you make it to where you're going.

I heard the ISP was wanting the stores to close, so people wouldn't venture out.

Only Girl said...

Mary I just had to keep up with your blog. It is so fun to see all these places you go. And the only way I will ever get to see them all is threw you. So thanks for sharing all the great info. and pictures you post!!!

Only Girl said...

Mary its great to see all these places you get to go. Thanks for sharing and showing pictures and info. on your post.