Sunday, September 12, 2010

All you need is love and a birthday party in Las Vegas

 Jeff's 1st and 60th birthdays. 
 This year Jeff turned 60 years old. The kids got the idea (Magan's idea) to take Jeff to Las Vegas for his birthday. He has always wanted to see the Beatles show...LOVE. So we did it. It took six months of planning. He was surprised which is hard to do.  
 There were some funny "ha ha" things that happened which will be fun to tell as the years go by. We arrived in Vegas and decided to buy shuttle tickets on the Gray Line. Bad idea. Bad idea!!! We got a psycho driver. He yelled at everyone getting on the bus. Especially Jeff for not knowing the address of the Marriott we were staying at. He drove like a maniac and punished us by driving past our Hotel and making us ride for an hour. I was pretty sure we were headed out to the desert once the other passengers were off. I took this picture of the back of his head for evidence once they discovered our mutilated bodies. 
The first night we headed to Morton's which is Jeff's favorite place to eat. Had another near miss. The taxi driver accidentally left the car in reverse. I had one leg in and one out. The one in was stuck under the seat when the car started rolling backwards. My life flashed before my eyes. Any way we had an amazing dinner. 

 This is the menu at Morton's. 
 Checking out the seafood menu. 
 We started out with these platters of seafood. Oh yummy! Everyone had their fill of steak, prime rib, and seafood. To end it all we ordered those molten chocolate cakes with ice cream. Good thing we walked a lot. 
 Everyone was patient and easy going. It is sometimes a problem moving 12 people to various things and keeping that many happy. No problems for us. 
 Rob spent his spare time studying how to play craps. (Being a gastroenterologist has nothing to do with it). He must have studied well because he did great at the tables. 
 We walked through a lot of casinos. Some are really gorgeous inside. This is the Wynn Hotel. We had a great breakfast here. The next morning we went to Denny's in the shabby part of town. Kind of the Las Vegas experience to have a cheap greasy breakfast. Not to mention that Elvis was hanging around outside.  
Everyone got to do what they wanted often splitting up to shop or look around and reconvening at meal and show times. 
A mighty fine looking group if I may say so. 
At last it was show time. These are kind of wild lights for picture taking. The show was a blast. We all wondered at one point if we were high on drugs. It was sensory overload at times. The music was pure Beatles at their best. 
This weekend was also Jeff at his best. He was pretty funny and relaxed. You only get to turn 60 once. All you need is love and we had plenty of it this weekend. Happy Birthday!


Rachel said...

it was a blast. thanks for being an old geez jeff!!

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a hilarious time. Even the wacho driver. Leave it to you.
Once again a weird travel experience.
Glad I travel normal........uh, oh. I guess I don't go anywhere.

Leslie said...

The Brady Bunch is aging well together. What a good time and treasured memories.

Glad to know I'm not the only one wondering if someone slipped some halucinogenics in my drink at the Love show....

MZB said...

One good time!

Beth said...

Looks like you had a fabulous experience. Happy Birthday, Jeff.

Dream Weaver Family said...

Wow, what a good lookin family. Happy 60th birthday Jeff, looks like a great time in Vegas.