Saturday, February 06, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

It has been a great week filled with great things. We had some very foggy weather. The fog covered everything in a thick frost. It looks like snow. Very delicate and lacy looking. 
I love the aquarium we have at the Rexburg Medical Center. I spend a little time every day tending and looking at it. This is my skunk clown fish. He loves this anemone.
Monday was Christian's birthday. He turned 11. All he wanted was to go to Five Guys Burgers. So we loaded up after work and met them in Idaho Falls. He was one Happy Birthday boy. 
This weekend we made the journey to Boise. Ella turned eight a week ago. She was baptized today. Her family had a big turn out. We had a great day with her and all the relatives. Some are a little "kooky". We are not sure what impression Mitch was trying to make wearing his golf clubs to the Pizza place for dinner. We still think he is a really nice son-in-law. 
After all the festivities Magan, Rachel, Jeff and I made a run for the mall. We left the kiddos with Eric. When we got back we could not get them to answer the door to let us in. This is why. They were rocking out in the family room and could not hear the doorbell.  Ana, Lily, Grace and Grant are all accompanying Eric. 
On the way home we made a pit stop at CheeseCake Factory. Six different flavors. We each grabbed a fork and sampled all of them...Red Velvet, Key Lime, Tiramisu, Chocolate 30th Anniversary, Carrot Cake. What a tough decision. We had to keep taking another bite to try to decide which was our favorite. 
I am thinking we had a really nice week. Filled with family, love and Cheesecake. 


The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Good to see Rachel and Megan! Hi!!!
Beautiful pictures. I'm getting better about taking more pictures using different settings on my camera. One day I'll be as good as you.

barbchuck said...

What a fun and wonderful family we have! Thanks for sharing so many pictures. I am always amazed by how many people are in the group ones nowdays. There were some people I didn't recognize, but it was wonderful to see the ones I did. The cheesecake looks very tempting. Mary, you put me to shame with your timely blogs. I am still going through our Bali pictures, trying to narrow down the number so I can share with everyone.

Mary Z said...

Barb, in the picture are Andy's family, Rachel family, Leslie's family, Stan and his wife and girls, Mitch's sister and family, Mitch's parents. It was a nice crowd. I can't wait to see your pictures.

Leslie said...

Such a lovely crowd. We had such a special weekend with you all. Thanks for coming! Ella's one lucky girl!