Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still cleaning up my pictures, here are some more favorites

I am still cleaning up pictures. Around 3,000 deleted now. No worries, they are really deletable. The picture of me in the tree was taken in Buenos Aires. Next is Mitch and Edie at Bear Lake. Cute beach buddies. 
Jeff at Machu Pichu. I do love that place. Wanna go???
Two Grandsons Jake and Charlie were blessed a week apart. The surf boards were such a colorful background. Taken in Kauai, Matt, Lauren and Rob.

Girlfriends getaway. 
Cruiser Jeff.
Grace bathing in the sink and drinking from the faucet.
Jeff and Mary                    Mary in India

The four feigs, Mary, Beth, Mike and Pat
My Dad and Barb
Andy and Jeff checking out the new baby.
Jeff delivering baby Jake. 
Grandparents with Margot. 
Burger King in Buenos Aires. Really it is true. Built in an old Presidential Palace. 
La Boca, Argentina 
I had never noticed this picture before in my many Rexburg Temple pictures. I really do love it. It looks like a painting. I took it during a storm. 
So I have watched all of the Olympics so far. I am weary of editing pictures but determined to finish the project. Good thing they last two weeks. 

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Leslie said...

So fun to revisit these memories. What a great idea, Mom!! As I sit and watch the Olympics this year, you are constantly on my mind. Growing up, you never missed a day or sport during the 2 weeks of the Olympics! It has always been something you loved. :)