Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here comes another funpacked Saturday

We have been on the run for months now. No rest for us.
Here are some pictures from past Saturdays. The first one is Christian and I at his school. He came to the house one day and said, "Grandma we need to bring an old person to school, would you come with me?"
 I was flattered to receive such an invite.
It was actually bring someone older and wiser day. I went and had a great time. This is our self taken photo. We look kind of goofy don't we?

When Isaac and Christian went to Boise with us they got to spend two extra days with us when we got back as their family had gone to Utah.  I told them I needed a picture the last morning and they protested heavily. This is the best shot I got. I thought to myself, "I finally got Isaac to cooperate", then I saw his eyes in the picture.

I did find one agreeable character in Boise. Marley was thrilled to get his picture taken.

Grace who usually says no way to picture taking was happy to perform for the camera. She looks like she is standing on the fence, but that is just how high she jumped on the tramp.
So we are off again this weekend. Jeff, Andy and I are headed to Salt Lake City at noon.
I think we may break a record for never being home soon.

Life is Good.
Grandpa bought all the kids a Life is Good shirt in Boise.
I'm off for another weekend adventure.

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Beth said...

Whoa! You need to take a deep breath. At least all your going has been fun stuff.

MZB said...

You are better at updating than me. It was great to have you guys over.

Stephen Zollinger Family said...

I always enjoy your blog it looks like you have had a lot of family fun. Love your pictures!

g.suzie said...

Mary you are having way too much fun, you sure have some cute grandkids. . .I haven't seen you in awhile, in your last post wowzer, your hair is getting long. . .looks good!

Andy and Lynne said...

I have so many great pictures of the kids and then, yes, I notice Isaac doing crosseyes! That kid!!