Friday, October 30, 2009

Grandma's slumber party

This week we had a little slumber party get together in Driggs with a bunch of my girl friends. We have been buddies for about 20 years now. When we did our first hikes we had children younger than the grandchildren we now have. Hiking, biking, lunching, laughing, sharing good times and bad. Lately I have been too busy to go with them much. But when I do it is so so fun. I need to make more time for them. We did a little hiking in the newly fallen snow. The little plant below had on the cutest little stocking cap made of snow.

Of course we ate really really well. Suzan made the dessert. All diets were abandoned for the night.

Activities were laugh, hike,eat, laugh, play cards, laugh, sit by the fire, laugh, share cell phone knowledge, laugh, buy watch bands, laugh, eat some more and laugh ourselves to sleep. AAHHH.
I even caught the critter hanging on the wall smiling down on us.
Cherish your friends. I love all of mine.

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The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like a real hen party!

Jonna said...

Looks like a blast to me, and that Cabin looks gorgeous! By the way, the babies are beautiful. I love newborns, and it's a mighty good things my girls are feeding my desire for them. That care is a killer..Kenny would be so jealous!

Beth said...

Sounds like a very special group of ladies. How fun that you can all still get together. Looks like lots of fun.