Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mendoza to Cordoba Argentina

On Tuesday we drove from Mendoza to Cordoba. Mendoza is a lovely city but we nearly froze there. It is early spring here. It snowed in the mountains above the city. The drive took us about 10 hours. We stopped along the way to take pictures. We also stopped for a wonderful lunch in a little resort town called NoNo. The Argentines with us ordered goat. Everything was cooked outside on a big grill. Very very good. They know how to cook here.
Below is Jeff helping the group understand how to make this NRT course work for them.
The next picture was taken of a little ranch built into the surroundings. If you can enlarge the picture you can see the man with a lasso.
I am holding the mate supplies of one of our group. EVERYONE here drinks it. It looks like hay and herbs floating in the leather cup. They drink it through a silver spoon that filters out the debris. They carry around the leather bag to carry their stuff.
Finally a shot of a condor that flew over us. It is a really big, really cool bird. More pictures to come. We are headed out the door for another long all day drive back into Buenos Aires. I love that , well not really. We have seven adults in a small SUV along with lots of luggage. We laugh, sleep, sigh and look forward to each stop to stretch our legs. We get to have tomorrow off to explore Buenos Aires. We love the city and look forward to checking out our favorite places. Saturday morning we will fly over to Paraguay. Will try to post again as time permits.

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The Garden of Egan said...

Jeff looks like he knows what he's talking about. Great picture of the bird! Wow!

MZB said...

Mate is an aquired taste