Sunday, August 02, 2009

Things we have done this summer, no Grandchildren were hurt in any of these events!

So many things to tell about. I took Ana, Lily, Christian, Isaac, Addie and Ava to Bear World. We had a BLAST! We saw so many bears you could not watch all of them. They have rides for the kiddies that were so fun. It was hot so we took a break for a snow cone. The petting zoo was full of cute baby animals. The little goats liked sucking on Adalynne's shirt.

Speaking of kiddy rides, I had the Clark's all on the backyard swing today. Jacob who is a 3 weeks now got into the action. He is not crying from fear but hunger. (As I said no Grand kids were hurt.)
Jeff and I rode up to Red Fish Lake. We stopped for gas in Stanley. I found the motorcycle of my dreams. The owner let me check it out.

Jeff had IMA meetings in Sun Valley last weekend. I spent time watching skaters at the outdoors ice rink. Just happens that this skater who is practicing is Victor Petrenko (Gold medal Olympic skater). There is a lot of air under his feet.

We had Sunday brunch with the kids who were also in Sun Valley.

Spent an afternoon at the Rexburg spray park. Floyd really likes the spray!
We are having lots of babies this year. The girls sat in the shade at the park and compared Lynne and Laurens belly's. Jacob was born a couple of days after this.
One of the big events was letting Grandpa Z pierce the girls ears. Grace had hers done earlier this year. Adalynne went first and was pretty brave.
Edie was excited to go next.

HHMMM. This hurts a little more than I thought.
Edie was not so happy about the ear piercing. She did get over it and loves her earrings now.

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Beth said...

What a fun post with all your summer activities. I love your choice of motorcycle, especially with the Betty Boop on it :) Jacob does not look like a newborn, really cute picture. You and Jeff have such a beautiful family of kids and grandkids.

Andy and Lynne said...

oh, i lovr seeing all of the pictures from this summer. i used the one on the swing as my desktop picture. you are a wonderful grandma to all of these kids! thank you!