Monday, June 22, 2009

Trip so far

On our way to the Dominican Republic we had to spend the night in New York City. It was pouring rain. JFK requires you to go outside the terminal to get any where. We had to walk thru ankle deep water to get to our shuttle. Everyone had wet clothes in their suitcases. We did make it to a play, Mary Poppins. It was pretty good. The next morning it was still pouring rain. Everyone figured we would soon be in the Dominican Republic and it would be warm and sunny. Not to be. It has been raining like crazy and so much lightening and thunder. When we arrived at the hospital there was a lot of water on the floors from all of the rain. As in a couple of inches in some spots.

Dinner at our Hotel. This is our NRT team. The Dominican docs were not here yet.

The Hospital is a little rough around the edges. This is a waiting area. There is another group of U.S.Doctors here in our Hotel. They are working in the same Hospital. They are cardiac surgeons doing open heart surgeries. They come regularily, bringing all the supplies and equipment with them.

Diane below is one of our billers at the RMC. She was headed to Newark to see her Dad. Diane is TERRIFIED to fly. She was pretty calm however. Our planes were to leave within minutes of each other. We however had to spend an hour waiting at the end of the runway waiting because they did not want us to get to NYC early. Heaven forbid! When we did finally get there we had to spend another half hour waiting on that runway. So our flight that started out arriving early was late. Crazy isn't it?

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The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you are still a couple of travelin' fools.
There hasn't been rain today, but it's been chilly. I'm not sure if my garden is ever gonna grow.
Glad you could see a play, sounds like NY wouldn't be fun if it was wet, wet suitcases....yuk.

MZB said...

We aren't enjoying good weather here either. Fun for you to catch a show in NYC.

Jonna said...

Rain Rain go away...on both ends. I hope you have a great trip, you are both amazing people!

Dream Weaver Family said...

I'm glad to know where you are now so when I get anymore questions from or E.R people, or the phone from Jeff's patients, I can say, " They are far away!" Have fun! I hope you get to see the sun, and believe it or not it is shining today!

Clay Prince said...

Thanks for the cool posts. I love reading about and seeing pictures of your adventures in NRT.