Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good things in the DR

Most of my days on NRT trips are spent at the computer entering data and test scores. Unfortunately on this trip the spreadsheet did not have the correct conditional formatting. Not familiar with 2007 I did finally get it figured out and fixed. I also do the certificates, they are pretty nice if I may so so. However they cause major headaches with getting the names correct.
Checking out the new water project.

We stopped to watch these guys planting rice fields.

Getting a field ready to plant rice. (what do you think all you Farm Town people?)

A shot of the class and Jeff and Dr. Sheffield doing a demo.

Men outside playing dominoes. You would never see that in Idaho. Never!

Think they can fit any one else on this truck? Where are the seat belts?

The group above is the team and support for the NRT courses we are teaching this week.

On our way to visit our friends the Hansen's at the Church camp we stopped along the road at a pottery place. This is the kiln. I love pots and we had a great time seeing how they make them. Wish I could bring some home.

On the way back to Santiago we stopped at a fun open air place and had a great dinner.

We are watching all the news about Farrah and Michael Jackson. It is big news down here too.

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The Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you are having fun. Don't you wish you were just getting home from Girls Camp?
Washer is going, dirty cloths all over. It's great.
Missed you.

Berta said...

You are GETTING AROUND, the two of you! Thanks for putting a NEW DOT on my map ! ! ! ! !

As far as the rice fields . . . I like our 'dry' lands - less mosquitos and MESS! I've never seen a rice field before! You guys are doing such great work with your time. Are they needing any guitar teachers over there?!?

MZB said...

I think potatoes are the better harvest