Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May happenings

OK, here are the promised caterpillar pictures. When they arrived they were teeny little worms crawling around.
They grew bigger really fast. Then they crawled to the top of the cup. Hung upside down and turned into shimmery chrysalis. In the picture below two are already transforming and one is looking for his spot to hang from. Have I mentioned the WIND. Yesterday we had sustained winds of 55 miles per hour for hours. The roof on the Rexburg Medical Center felt like it would come off. You could feel the vibrations in the floor even. The power was out for a long time, overnight for some. The dust made visibility zero at times. They closed the highway from Ashton due to low visibility and so many trees were down on the roads. We lost one of our big pine trees in the front yard. I am so so sad.

The dust was unbelievable. My entire house is coated in fine dust. You could feel it in your teeth.

Despite the bad weather it still can be very beautiful here.

Baseball is a struggle around here. It is ALWAYS windy and cold for the games. We have braved a couple of little league games for Isaac and Christian.

Here is Pocahontas and her little tribe braving the weather for a game.

We talked in Church about the need for everyone in the house to share their knowledge of how things work in case someone is sick or disabled. So we came straight home and had our first lesson. Jeff made the Sunday rolls. They were perfection. I have to learn how to turn the gas/power etc off.

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Beth said...

Nice run down on your activities. Can I ask? With all the bad weather elements you keep describing, WHY? do you stay in Rexburg? So sorry about your pine tree :( Jeff gets to make rolls for the next family gathering.

Mary Z said...

Everyone in Rexburg is asking the same question. It is the only topic of discussion I have heard today. Why do we live in this wind tunnel?

g.suzie said...

Ok Mary I'm waiting for a picture of something on your wall, dough, a caterpillar, dust, come on!

Gena said...

Hi Mary, it's Gena- from Medco. I googled the RMC looking for the phone number today and came upon your blog. Glad to hear the roof of the building didn't come up! Not with that new remodel job! My blog is private, but if you're interested. Send me an e-mail:

Hope things are going well!

barbchuck said...

My gosh! I can't believe the winds were strong enough to topple that huge pine tree! How sad! The blowing dust is definitely something I can pass on! Hope you are feeling better as you head to Colombia. Remember to wash your hands. We shall be looking forward to your blog from Colombia.

The Garden of Egan said...

I'm not surprised to see Jeff making rolls, he's multitalented that way!
Have you learned to turn of the power yet?
Howie gave me that lesson a year ago, but I'm sure I've forgotten. I still haven't changed a tire or the oil, but he's still saying I have to.