Friday, April 03, 2009

General Conference this weekend

This weekend is general Conference. I have a tradition that has carried over my whole adult life. I do my deep or spring cleaning during conference. I know some sit and watch closely. I cannot sit that long. So I clean as I listen. Closets, out with winter clothes, in with spring (yes even if it snowing). I wash walls, clean drawers, every inch of my bedroom and kitchen. They have asked us to contribute more this year to Deseret Industries than usual so I will be less finicky about what I keep. There are so many more in need now. I can dig deeper and part with clothes, coats and shoes and miscellaneous things. I love my spring and fall cleaning combined with Conference tradition. I look forward to it. And you never know if you will find a secret stash of chocolate.
Yesterday I got a call asking if I would allow the above picture to be broadcast in General Conference during Elder Bednars talk. I spent some time on campus with my laptop getting the best version to send down to SLC. They do not know if it will be used for sure but it is the one they requested so we will see. If the resolution is not high enough they will not be able to use it. I think I am ready to upgrade my camera. They need one at the office so I will donate my D40 there. I love that camera. I am going to take a Digital Photography followed by Photo shop class in May at BYUI. Now the question is which camera to get. I love the one I have, the new D40's have moved up from 6 to 8 mega pixels. I do not want to get one too big to travel with.
Decisions, decisions.
One more weather update. It is still snowing like crazy here.
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suzan said...

That's so cool that they might use your picture!!! How exciting! As for your camera, we got the D80, I think the new version is the D90. It's basically the exact same as the D40 but with more mega pixels.
I have a bunch of stuff to donate also. Gotta get on that! Have fun cleaning :)

Beth said...

I've been cleaning closets too. Lots for DI. I like your designated cleaning schedule idea. I love that picture too.

The Garden of Egan said...

Have fun with your "clean-fest".
I am having a great time here, think I'll stay until July...Rexburg has got to get rid of the snow!

Jonna said...'re killing me! Conference is the one time of the year, that I don't feel guilty for sitting down & watching t.v.! Now...I will feel like I need to be more productive. I have the Nikon D90....however, I haven't learned how to use it yet. It's on my list of things to learn! It's big & heavy though.

MZB said...

Although I don't have a fancy camera, it is on my list. I do wish I could came take that course with you

Melissa said...

Mary, I LOVE this picture also! It's such a neat angle. As far as your camera goes . . .and you've probably already replaced it by now . . .but, I've got the D80 also and we love it. A friend of mine just got the D90. I think another difference is that the D90 can tape short videos. But I'm completely in love with my D80. I would highly recommend it. :O)