Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good lizards, good friends and great spiders

Today we had a big meeting with the government and medical people. It went well and the NRT course is on track to be a good one. After the meeting we drove up into the mountains and visited our good friends the Hansen's. They used to serve as the Humanitarian Missionaries and lived on their boat. They are now serving a second mission renovating a Church camp. It was a beautiful place with lots for them to do. We had a tour of the grounds and house. There are lots of fun critters as in lizards, snakes and spiders. Really big colorful spiders. Their house is open which means OPEN to all crawling creeping things that decide to come in. Below is us with the Hansen's and the Francom's who replaced them as the Humanitarian Missionaries. 
Kip and Arden. 
This guy is actually about 4 inches long and very colorful. Click to see him up close if you dare. Also the cute lizard above.  Next post probably from Idaho. Long day traveling tomorrow. We get up at 4 am which is 1 am to you. We get home around 10 tomorrow night which is 1 am here.  Time changes can be really hard to do. 
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Jonna said...

You are such a brave soul Mary. We are all in awe of
You and the good Doctor. Have a safe trip

MZB said...

Be safe, great photos..

Clay Prince said...

We used to see spiders EXACTLY like that in our flats in Australia; we got fond of some of them and would catch big moths to throw in their webs for them to eat. Some of them were so big that you could actually see the yellow coloring in their webs, which were nearly as strong as fishing lines! Great stuff!

Katie said...

AAAK! Post traumatic stress disorder! Those pictures remind me of all the lovely little creatures on my mission there in the DR - what joy. Besides that, though, I love that country! Speaking of, did you know I'm going on a certain trip with you soon?..... - Kato dinero