Sunday, February 01, 2009

Boise: Building bears and bonding

Finally made it to Boise to see the kids. First stop was Build A Bear (and kitties, puppies and bunnies), Grandpa is the King of Build A Bear. 
We had fun making dinner, eating and playing games with Baldwins and Hurst's. We love to spend time visiting with them in Boise. They definitely helped to recharge us. 
Wish I had my camera at breakfast this morning. The waiter who was on his first day of work spilled the tray of ice water and cokes down Leslie's back.  It all ran down her shirt  into her pants. She had ice falling out  of her pants for 10 minutes. The glasses all broke and it was a huge mess. Shortly after they cleaned it up they did the same thing at the table next to us. 
Grace, Ella, Edie and Grant snarfing up plates of Nachos. They were yummy.
 Amber my brothers daughter opened up her Mission call. She is going to  HELSINKI, FINLAND on March 18th. We are so excited for her and I am excited to help her get ready. Amber is living with us this winter. At least the weather here will get her prepared for her time in Finland. 
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Leslie said...

hey, me and amber have the same hairdo!!!

g.suzie said...

Looks like a fun weekend with the kids, I bet they all love it when you two come to visit. . .And what exciting news for Amber, she's a doll, she will make an awesome missionary!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like fun building a bear, I wonder if Jeff got all the innards right.
Hope you enjoyed the warmer weather of Boise. Why do we live in Iceburg?????

Dream Weaver Family said...

Those are some lucky Grandkids in Boise!Your neice is beautiful Mary, what a great mission to Finland (good luck to her on her mission!)

Beth said...

Another fun weekend for all of you. I'm so excited for Amber, Finland will be a very interesting mission, Im sure.

MZB said...

Thanks for a fun weekend catching up with you guys.

The Karrens said...


This is Jenna (Nita Adams' daughter) I found your blog and you look great. Sounds like you are staying busy. My mom misses you!

barbchuck said...

How fun it must have been to see the kids and grandkids! I feel so sorry for that poor waiter (and poor Leslie, too!) What a beautiful picture of Amber!