Monday, January 12, 2009

Wild life in Rexburg

I watched the Sound of Music one night with the girls. They loved it and were able to sing along with most of the songs. Now this is a wild bunch! 
Here is another wild bunch out the back window. I caught a whole family of squirrels swinging from branch to branch. Can you see three of them?
Here are some of the suspect Mountain Lion prints in the snow. What do you think? I should have put my hand next to them as they are larger than my hand. And I have big hands. 
And here is the famous moose that Berta calls Pete. Jeff and I would ride around the neighborhood to check on him. He enjoyed a couple of weeks of peaceful residence in the neighborhood yards. Wild times!
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Leslie said...

Wild, indeed! Who knew there was so much excitement in Rexburg? :)

Jeppesens said...

That is the great thing about living in Rexburg. There is wildlife even in town. It is so fun to still feel like we can be part of nature and see some of gods most beautiful creations!!

Clay Prince said...

I wonder if those squirrels are the same ones from that commercial where they make the car crash and then give each other high fives?

The Garden of Egan said...

Cute post! Cute girls...definitely wild life. I haven't had squirrels this winter, maybe because of my two guard cats.

Hope you are relaxing a little and doing less.

Dream Weaver Family said...

Wow, That is a great view out your window to see all that wildlife, you would think you lived in West. The sound of music is my favorite movie, I can't tell you how many times I have seen it. What a fun evening for your darling Granddaughters.