Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kauai activities

Remember in Jurrasic Park they climbed the tree to hide. A dinosaur sneezed on them, and then they climbed down and found the eggs. This is right where that happened. We did not get slimed however. Jeff and I did the Allerton Garden tour again. It is so beautiful and a peaceful way to spend the morning.

We fed the coy at the Hotel. They came right out of the water to eat out of your hand. Floyd better watch his toes. These are really big coy!!!

Being the weather station girl I liked this weather forecast for the Island. When you think about it, it is probably the only forecast that they need. No snow, no cold, no seasons.

Finally we made the trek to Dukes for dinner tonight. Floyd was happy when we left. He liked the fire torches. Our goal is to stay up past 7 tonight. Last night still not feeling good I went to bed at 7 pm. I slept all night. That was after sleeping most of the day while I did not feel good. I am better today but that is the most I ever remember sleeping.

I did not get a picture but I noticed the most amazing site in the sky. There were two very bright "stars" under the moon. I kept commenting how this must be some amazing thing going on. We walked down to the beach after dinner and the site was again amazing. It reflected on the water even. I looked at the news when we got back and discovered that it really was a big event and we had probably one of the best views of it on earth. They are not stars but Jupiter and Venus. I think everyone here has gone to sleep so I might sneak out and see if it is still in view. If so I will try to get a picture. Good night for now. Check it out at this link:


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g.suzie said...

Mary, Looks like you are having a good time, except for being sick. (you didn't down too many v pina coladas did you)? How many hot dogs has Jeff enjoyed so far. . . That's a good looking little boy he's holding in the picture. . .Have fun and be save!!!

Jeppesens said...

I hope you get feeling better. Tell jeff I saw him with his legs in the sun. I thought he was going to avoid it!! HaHa That is tough in Hawaii. I am jealous of the sun. It is cold and rainy today. Enjoy the sun while you can!!

MZB said...

love the weather sign, just think what Rexburg's would say.