Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey feast is over.

Andy & Lynne hosted Thanksgiving dinner today for two of Lynne's sisters, us and Rachel and girls. There was a big crowd and delicious food. It was perfect. Lynne was a trooper who despite her ever present nausea did a wonderful dinner. We ended up with about 8 pies and made a pretty good dent in them. I had a couple of assignments. I nearly blew it however. Leslie called me about 11:30 to ask a question about making rolls. ROLLS???? Oh my gosh I forgot I was supposed to make rolls. We were eating at 1. So I entered panic mode and got them ready in time. Whew.Thanks Les.

Lily and Isaac can't wait to get started.

The spread. Andy and Rachel digging in.

Tonight we are packing. This time it is a trip for fun. Fun and sun. Cannot wait.

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Clay Prince said...

Enjoy your trip, take lots of photos so the rest of us can live through you. we'll pull them out in february and feel warm

Jeppesens said...

I hope you and jeff have a wonderful and relaxing trip. If anyone deserves some time away from work it is you two. Have a great time on the beach and listening to the waves. We will miss you at the office this week.

MZB said...

Happy Thanksgiving, wiggle those feet in the sand for me..