Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peru from the bus

The day started early when the bus came to pick us up at the airport Hotel. We drove out of Lima and passed some of the poorer neighborhoods. Here the higher up the hill you go the poorer it is. Just the opposite of our country.

The drive took us along the coast for about three hours. Much of it was a road cut into massive sand dunes. Look at this road how it hugs the cliff. All on sand.

We left the coast and started up into the mountains. Five hours of mountainous roads. I did occasionally drift off to sleep but hated to as I worry about what site I might miss. So much to see. I took tons of pictures. It is hard to get a great shot from a moving bus. The lady above was taken through the front window of the bus over the drivers shoulder. We stopped to stretch our legs by this statue. Check out the snow on the mountains. The mountains here are very big and covered with snow. Tourists come here to climb these mountains. It is hard to believe that in a couple of days we will be in the sweltering jungles of Peru.

We are in Hauraz. It is surrounded by huge snow capped mountains. It is the first day of spring here. It is definitely jacket weather. Tomorrow we will do day one of the first course.

For dinner tonight I had wheat soup. It was very hearty and good. I need to see if they will give me the recipe. Perfect for our long cold winters.

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the merriest said...

as always...radical. that picture of the homes on the hill jolted me into a sudden reality of my abundance.

Jonna said...

The pictures of those homes, make me extremely grateful for what we have! I'm always in awe of what you guys do. Be safe.

MZB said...

Grant looked up Hauraz, so he filled us in on your location. Glad you are safe, the pictures are very humbling.Have a wonderful time..