Friday, September 26, 2008

Amazon at last

Here is the class that we taught the last two days. It was a great group and a success. Remember to click on the pictures to see them bugger.
While the class was going on I rode in a "mototaxi" with Georgina Joo to see a clinic that takes care of kids with polio. Yes I said polio. The Joo's will be helping the LDS Church to assist them. The little guy below was having physical therapy on his legs.
He was excited to have his picture taken.
This morning walking to the Church house Jeff and I were behind the group. A little boy maybe 8 or 9 years walked up to me. He was dirty and I am pretty sure he was homeless. He opened his mouth like a little bird and pointed in it. He was asking for food. Not begging for money. This happened at 7:30 am. I had nothing with me so we walked by. You get used to begging in the places we go but this was different. I was overwhelmed. We got to the Church and had a stash of snacks there. I told Jeff we had to go back. We took a couple pieces of fruit. The boy was not on the street and I was so sad that I had passed him by. Then I discovered him and another boy asleep on the back seat of one of the mototaxis. Curled up like puppies. All I could think was what if these were Christian and Grant? I lay the food on the seat with them. They did not wake up. We left. I am sure when the owner of the taxi came out they were booted off the soft seat. The Joo's told us that homeless children is a large problem here. I feel terrible about it. Gut wrenching terrible.

Last night we went to a little shopping area. It is high up on stilts. This is not Disneyland!

Jeff's first sight of the Amazon. Pretty cool. It looks small in the picture but it is actually a mile wide. There are little islands in it.

Tonight we rode a boat out on the river to a boat restaurant.

Another group shot of the team.
The things hanging next to us are parakeet nests. The things behind my head under the light is a bee's nest. Just like the ones this summer in my yard.
After dinner we headed back to shore on the boat. We watched a boat headed out on an Amazon Cruise. It looked like a blast.
Tomorrow morning we begin our journey back home. We have a long enough layover in Lima to look around a bit. See you all soon.

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Jonna said...

WOW! I truly enjoy the journey you take us all on. Thanks.

MZB said...

We are all very blessed. Be sake on your way home...

the merriest said...

You know, your comment about the little boys being Grant & Christian really made that hit home. Those poor children there. How did we get so lucky to be born here?

Thanks for the update.

Jeppesens said...

I think we take so much for granted in the great country we live in. I guess we should count our blessing every day of our lives. The amazon looks really neat. I am glad we get to travel around the world with you as our tour guide. Looks like a great trip. Hope your trip home is a good one.

Leslie said...

I got so choked up reading about the little boys. We are so oblivious to the real issues in the world beyond America. I am always amazed with each trip the sights you are blessed to see and the experiences you get to have. Thanks for the updates, they are great.

Beth said...

Another amazing journey with the Zollingers. Thanks for taking the time to make the world come alive to me. You do a great job of putting the little things into words that create real emotions and an insight into what you are really dealing with. travel Safe.
Hugs and Kisses

SUZAN said...

Thanks again for the great posts from your adventures abroad. I just love reading your stories and looking at your pictures. The story of the homeless boys is really so sad. i hope they got the food.

Wild Weaver Family said...

Mary you and Jeff have had some awesome adventures, its so great that you share the pictures and stories with us all. We are so lucky to live where we live!

Katie said...

Mary, it was great to hear from you! I see you were back in Peru - how fun! Send my love to the Joo's and the doctoras when you talk to them again! Take care!