Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun things from this great week

We had a great week! My sister came up (I can't believe we did not take any pictures, shame on me). Had a nice time with her and Gary. Monday night we met friends at Heise for golf and had a blast. The pizza was also great afterwards. We all stayed up past our bedtime having fun.

I have been passing out shoes to the girls from Columbia. The fun hand pieced ones that I love. Here is a picture of all of them that we bought. Lauren and Rachel and Lynne have theirs. The rest are getting theirs soon. Try clicking to see them up close. Very fun shoes.

We went to SLC for our biweekly Humanitarian meeting. After we stopped by the Jones and poor Floyd was ganged up on by medical people. Hope he is feeling better.

Look what we saw in our backyard tonight. Randy next door had sprayed it and we are going to dissect it when we are sure no hornets are left in it alive. I thought these only existed in Winnie the Poos dreams. Suppose it is full of honey?

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Leslie said...

Oooh, that nest is SCARY!!! I'll have to tell you about Edie's run-in with an angry wasp last week. Not good.

Oh, and cute shoes!

barbchuck said...

I love the shoes! The designs remind me of the Molas from the San Blas Islands. How did you ever get them all in your luggage?

Mary Z said...

We just scrunched them into our suitcase which by the way was carryon. We tryto not have to check our bags on these trips. I consider myself a packing pro!!!

Jonna said...

By now, I bet you are a packing pro! We really haven't done much airplane packing, but when we go on 10 day Harley Rides...I also am a packing pro. One bag for 2 people for 10 stinks!
I also love those shoes, they look really comfy!

MZB said...

Yikes, on the Hive! Love the shoes