Friday, July 04, 2008

Fire works for the kids

We decided that moving this crowd was a major task so we stayed home and did our own mini fireworks. It was just right. Everyone went straight to bed because tomorrow is HEISE!!! We have a T-time for 15 people and the rest are going swimming.
Only bad thing so far is that Mitch Leslie and the girls backed out at the last minute. We really miss them. We told them today not to feel too bad because we are all fighting, the food is awful, and the weather is bad so they haven't missed out on much. We will photo shop them into the pictures if they will send us some of them.

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SUZAN said...

You guys know how to PARTY!!! I really hope you post pictures of Heise because I LOVE LOVE LOVE that place!!!

Leslie said...

DITTO Suzan.

Beth A said...

Maybe since Mary puts on a great party we should gather all the Feigleson decendants at her place next year for a BIG reunion. Who wants to go????

Looks like you had a great time.