Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alive and well in Columbia

We arrived last night in Bogota Columbia. We had another Atlanta weather problem (third trip in a row). A big rainstorm blew in just as we pulled onto the runway. So the pilot stopped the plane and turned off it's engines then waited an hour for the storm to pass. Any way we made it finally. The above picture is Jeff in the Hotel hallway in Bogota. A jungle inside of the Hotel. We went to Church and then flew to Medellin.

The picture above was taken as we took off from Bogota. It is in the mountains. Columbia is a beautiful country. Very green and lush. It was a short hop to Medellin. Now those of you in the know will say we are crazy to come to this city. It has a notorious reputation for being the most dangerous city on earth. It is the home of the drug cartels and cocaine wars. That is now in the past (they tell us). We walked the streets tonight to find a restaurant and lived to tell about it. We found a fun Italian place and had a wonderful time sitting outside to eat.

The flowers here are everywhere and so beautiful. Most of the flowers we buy in the USA are from here. I will try to get some pictures.

Now I know some of you were very worried about us traveling here. It seems safe. We will be very careful. I did mention to Carlos who works for the Church about how I was going to bring a long book just in case I ended up chained to a tree in the jungle. He promised that of anything happened he would supply us with books. So see all bases are covered. Really this is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. We are fortunate to get to come here.

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Leslie said...

Jeff looks so handsome in that first photo. And I think the second photo looks an awful lot like Salt Lake City, next to the mountains. Wow, what a spectacular city. I am so glad you travel to these places so atleast we get a glimpse of them with our own eyes! You be safe!!!

Andy and Lynne said...

that looks like a beautiful place, i hope you have a wonderful time!

MZB said...

Looking good dad! Glad you are safe and having a good time.

Jonna said...

I'm still in awe!! I'm always in awe everytime I see where you are, and read what you guys are up to. Amazing.

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your exciting trips with us.