Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday evening walk

It was very nice out today. FINALLY! I tried to call Berta to walk and snap some photos with me but she was already out with her camera. So check her out for new pics. I wandered down to the campus gardens. Very lovely. However I felt out of place, everyone there was snuggling with someone. You know that young love out on a beautiful Sunday evening. My main squeeze was back at home flipping through the channels. How did I get on that??? Any way, check out the ants!!! Click on this picture if you dare. Zillions of them along the sidewalk. Remember my fear of the movie "The Birds". Maybe "The Ants" would make a nice sequel. There were enough here to cast the movie. OK so on I went. I went down a lane and discovered this abandoned gate perfectly framing the Temple.

I came up a new walk way that I have not seen before. I think they are going to make a garden here. The views of the Temple from here will make great wedding pictures someday. Finally on my way home I saw the shadow of the Temple on the field across the street. A nice day. Looking forward to another nice day tomorrow.
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Berta said...

Those ANTS! Holy-moly - that's intense! I LOVE the pics of the temple - the iron arch (sweet) - you ought to send that into the church site - nice. Love the shadow! Sorry I missed your call - we could find some 'sweet' shots together! We still need to go and get our 'hot chocolate' - maybe in the fall ! ! ! ! !

Berta said...

How many times did I say sweet?!?!?

MZB said...

Those Ants were just in Leslie's cupboard.

Jonna said...

I also have little ants creeping around! Sure sign of spring. I love your pic's mary.

Grant said...