Saturday, May 03, 2008

Link for lace

Jeff, Mary sitting next to the Ruckers and team in Paraguay. On the barge to Argentina.
Vickie Rucker and her husband are Humanitarian Missionaries in Buenos Aires. We work with them on our NRT trips. She was with me when I bought my tablecloth in Asuncion Paraguay. She found out the name of the lace so I am adding a link so you can see more about it. It is very beautiful and I was happy to learn more about this lace. Legend is that a young couple were about to be married. He went into the jungle and did not come back the night before the wedding. She went and found him in the jungle but he was dead. The spiders had woven a web over him. She went and got a needle and thread and reproduced the web in lace. So Nanduti lace translates to spider lace. In all of our travels this is one of my favorite things I have bought. I also bought a little piece that I am having framed today. It is of the finest quality. Picture to come after framing.

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MZB said...

Very interesting story about the lace.