Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Here are a few of my favorite things. Things that make me smile from the last week. I saw a rainbow and ran out to get a picture which was not the best but still a rainbow. We went to our meeting in SLC and walked across Temple Square. The flowers were spectacular. For Mothers Day, Lynne made chocolate dipped strawberries. Yummy. The kids made her a flower pot. And finally drum roll snowed in Idaho a couple of times this week.
In the morning Jeff (my all time favorite thing) and I are heading out for a little adventure. Here are some clues:
1. It will be very warm. Not sure our bodies can handle it.
2. The food will be delicious
3. The company will be a blast
4. One carry on bag
5. You will have to wait to hear more clues. Check in! It will be a blast.
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rachel said...

uhh, what the heck? where are you going? you didn't clear that with me ma'am!

Mary Z said... will have to check in tonight and see. It is a big surprise! And yes you do know where I am going. No telling when you remember.

Grant said...

Sounds like California to me! Or ma¥be I have LA on my mind. I am needing another Disney fix.

Leslie said...

I'm onto you.

SUZAN said...

Sounds lovely wherever you are going... can't wait to hear more!

Oh wait, DUH!!! I know exactly where you are going!!! And now it sounds even MORE lovely!!!!

Mary Z said...

OK Grant came the closest. We are in sunny hot California. We came to surprise Barb my stepmom for her birthday. She was napping when we got here and so we got her good when she woke up. It is in the 100 degrees range her. Today we are gong to the Caliveras jumping frog festival for as long as we can stand it in the heat. Famous because of the Mark Twain book that was written here. There is tons of fresh strawberries and cherries right now so we are going to eat them until we are sick. Cool huh? Well we are of for some fun. Will do pictures when we get back tomorrow. Oh and they have wild turkeys in the yard. My quest is to get some pictures of them. Adios!