Friday, May 30, 2008

Blossoming in Rexburg

Isaac graduated from Kindergarten on Wednesday. We are mighty proud of him. Check out those two front teeth that are nowhere to be found. Ike is "blossoming" into a fine young man!

Click on the one above to see the flowers up close.
As I have been driving around I noticed that the trees this year are stunning. I think there are more blossoms on the trees than I have ever seen. When I walk in the mornings you can sometimes smell them from a block away. Is it all the moisture we have had this winter and spring? Whatever the cause it is quite a show. So my challenge to all is to take time to look at the tree blossoms as they will soon be gone!

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rachel said...

Man that Isaac is loveable! Nice blossoms. I love this time of year.

MZB said...

I heard it was all the moisture! Beautiful

Jonna said...

You'd think you were a professional photographer....beautiful!